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Why do you need Transformer ?


Save disk space

Converting your documents can save you up to 50% volume, without even reducing the quality of your document. Many parameters make it possible to improve and adapt the compression as you wish, before archiving your documents in EAS.

don't get technical

Ensure future access to your documents

If today, the file you want to archive can be viewed without any worries on your computer, what guarantee do you have of being able to do so in 10, 20 or even 50 years? Transformer converts your documents into a secure format, such as PDF/A-1, which ensures that the document will be available for viewing in 50 years.

choose flexibility

Facilitate processing

You can concatenate your documents to facilitate the future processing of your documents by other products. This way, your documents will be much lighter and their processing, movement and transfer will be much faster.

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Simplified Integration

Transformer can be used in three ways: standalone through the application interface, standalone through command line and integrated in the Automation process (A4SB).

Get your documents ready for digitization.

Standalone through the application interface

The Transformer user interface allows you to easily convert your documents. You can create new templates, and change the settings that will be applied to document processing, such as processing fonts or deleting empty pages.

Standalone through command line

The Transformer can be launched using a command line command. This can be used in an automation process on a Windows operating system. If you use automation, integration of Transformer will be easy in the process, just enter the following command line, and that's it !

1 Transformer.exe –i [Parameter1] –o [Parameter1] –t [Template] –l [Logfile] –a [Auditfile]

integrated in the Automation process (A4SB)

A4SB is an automation software that is compatible with all Cecurity Argus softwares and can manage third-party applications. It allows you to easily create a customised archiving process for each of your customers, from data collecting to archiving in the EAS electronic archiving system or sending an invoice with e-Invoice. From A4SB , you can access all the features of Transformer.

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