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Distribute and archive your outgoing invoices
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Why do you need e-Invoice ?

Archiving of original invoices

Your invoices, generated in digital format, will be archived in an EAS Electronic Archiving System, whether they are to be sent in digital or paper format to the customer.

Multi-channel invoice distribution

Multi-channel invoice distribution

Your invoice can be sent to your customer in different ways. Numerically, by email notification with secure link, as an e-mail attachment, by subscription (using a login and password) or physically by post.

Ensuring integrity

Ensuring integrity

Your original invoice, in digital format, is stored in an electronic archiving system compliant with ISO-14641-1 ensuring that all technical and organisational measures to be implemented for the recording, storage and retrieval of electronic documents in order to ensure their preservation and integrity within an electronic archiving system are respected.

Electronic signature

Electronic signature

Digital invoices are signed electronically, before being sent to the customer. This ensures their integrity and the identity of the issuing company.

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1 - You edit your invoices as you have always done before

To use e-Invoice, you need to generate your invoices in PDF format, as you usually do, and that's all, let us take over.

2 - e-Invoice takes care of routing

e-Invoice authorizes the hybrid distribution of invoices. Some of your customers may not want to switch to digital billing. e-Invoice then provides two streams for your outgoing invoices and processes them differently.

3 - Indexing and electronic signature

Digital documents are indexed and electronically signed. Invoices sent in paper format will be indexed only.

4 - Archiving in an EAS Electronic Archiving System

The invoices are then archived in an EAS Electronic Archiving System in accordance with ISO 14641-1.

5 - Sending by e-mail or post mail

Digital invoices are sent as attachments by e-mail, or as a secure link, with immediate access or login/password identification required. Invoices are sent in paper format, by post, for customers who do not want digital invoices.

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