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Electronic Archiving System for protected and immutable data
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Why do you need EAS ?



Use of fingerprints SHA1-SHA256, periodic examination of media, retention date and physical/logical WORM device.

Long-term preservation

Long-term preservation

Use of standard formats – PDF, container OPC, standard technologies. Our source codes are deposited.



EAS comes with an event journal guaranteeing the traceability of the application, the system and the security. Life cycle management for data and documents traceability. Archiving profiles are customizable and sealing / time stamping are all done by time-stamping authority : TSA . It guarantees traceability from the reception until the restitution or destruction of the documents.



User authentication, types of documents authorization, indexes, wiping algorithms, continuity of archive access, detection and prevention of modifications, applications are protected through a digital signature and all events and actions are journaled and sealed.

EAS. Archiving made simple.

Permanent value

Quality and durability are paramount. That is why we deposit our source codes every year.

Probative archiving

Give legal value to your documents. What is uploaded in your electronic archiving system immediately gets a value that is hard to dispute before a court.


Argus platform and all associated processes can be monitored centrally and are fully automated and guarantee complete traceability of both documents and processes.

Compliant with the ISO-14641-1 standard

The ISO-14641-1 standard guarentees ensure that all technical and organizational measures to be taken for recording, storing and retrieving electronic documents in order to ensure their preservation and integrity in an electronic archiving system have been taken


Benefits from the clear and simple user interface of EAS. Informations is where it needs to be and nowhere else.


EAS is our foundation... and we have a lot of bricks to add to it ! You can begin with EAS alone, then add an invoices approval tool or a simple outgoing invoices module.

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Integration possibilities

Cecurity Argus provides applications and services so that certain functionalities can be integrated into your existing applications
Alternatively, through IndexExchange, information can be exchanged between the EAS softwares and others systems (eg ERP Softwares).

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