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Why do you need Drag&Drop ?


Save time and effort

Drag&Drop is very intuitive and allows you to deposit a document as you would naturally do, just like moving a document in a new desktop directory. This solution allows very fast results, for a simple solution, without development or advanced configuration. If your users are undoubtedly saving time on usage, you save development and configuration time.

don't get technical

Use a simple tool

With Drag&Drop, all your employees will be able to use this tool. Thanks to drag-and-drop, the user experience is very intuitive and similar to many other services that your employees probably use in their spare time, which contributes to the intuitive nature of our solution. No computer skills are required.

choose flexibility

Get helped to index your documents

Drag&Drop allows you to enter metadata and associate it with the documents you file. A wizard allows you to view the document and associate metadata with it. This metadata will then be found in your EAS Website interface, allowing you to search for the content of your documents.

offer a customised service

Archive in a probative way

All documents that you import with Drag&Drop will then be stored in the EAS Archiving System. Our solution, compliant with the ISO-14641-1, guarantees the probative value and integrity of all archived documents..

Drag, drop, archive, repeat ♾

Cecurity Drag&Drop interface

Just a simple Drag&Drop

You see the little screen on the left? That's Drag&Drop. A very simple interface serving as a receptacle for documents that need to be archived. All you have to do is Drag&Drop your documents on this window, so that they can be added to the queue (right-hand screen).

Plug it !

Once your document has been deposited via Drag&Drop, you are free to do whatever you want with it. Use one of our plugins to get there. Want to add metadata to your document? It's easy with Assisted PDF indexing. Take advantage of a preview window and add the metadata you want. Do you have a specific need that we don't yet address? Develop your own plugin.

Your documents archived in EAS

Your documents are then archived in the electronic archiving system EAS, in accordance with the ISO-14641-1 standard, in order to guarantee the document's integrity and probative value. You can then retrieve your document using the metadata you have assigned to it.

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