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Who is Cecurity Argus ?

Cecurity Argus, formerly known as Argus DMS, was founded in 1986 and started as a company specialized in custom-made software commissioned by KODAK, Xerox & IBM. Many projects had to do with digitizing documents, handling them and therefore we decided to develop our first document management solution. In 1998, we obtained the world-wide rights for the KODAK Optistar storage system, world leader in handling mass mainframe data. Our extensive knowledge about document management and mass data management led to the development of many new products: Argus e-Box, Argus e-Presentment, Argus DocFlow.
The company is renowned for its expertise in software development for managing electronic documents and its electronic archiving.
In november 2016, Cecurity.com bought Argus DMS, renaming it "Cecurity Argus".

What about Cecurity.com ?

Cecurity.com is a trusted third party and software editing company for the secure exchange and archiving of digital originals. Cecurity.com is most known for its electronic vault solutions like the Communicating Electronic Vault (CFEC) and its Electronic Archiving Softwares (EAS) like "Proof, Exchange, Archiving" (PEA). With more than 20 million secure exchanges per annum, nearly two million electronic vaults installed and over 2,000 billion digital objects archived, Cecurity.com's solutions, driven by the wave of dematerialization and digital transformation, are processing sharply increasing volumes.

Cecurity.com products are distributed on premise or in SaaS mode (Software as a Service), with possible private cloud hosting in french multi-certified datacenters with guaranteed high availability. Cecurity.com's expertise includes electronic transaction tracking, data protection and archiving of digital evidence for applications such as electronic billing, archiving of accounting data, electronic payslips, personal data protection, online contract formation, and more.
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